Facebook updates mobile fan pages to include pinned posts, store locator, popular songs, activity log, other Timeline features

Facebook continues to roll out the Timeline design to fan pages on mobile devices, and now we’ve gotten a full look at what’s available. Updated mobile pages include most native Facebook features that are available on desktop: cover photo, friend activity, pinned posts, store locator, events, popular songs and more.

The social network began upgrading mobile fan pages in July, but the process has been gradual. Our own accounts were updated this weekend. Page owners — especially those running mobile Sponsored Story campaigns — will appreciate that the mobile experience is coming up to par with the desktop version, though many might be disappointed that their third-party tab applications are still not available.

Here are the key features that appear on updated mobile pages across iOS and Android.

Cover photo and more info

Similar to user profiles, mobile pages now include cover photos and info boxes. This additional context is likely to help convert users who see mobile Sponsored Stories to Like or interact with the page. Screenshots of the previous version of mobile Facebook pages are available here.

Page owners should be aware that designs that work on desktop may not work on mobile devices.

Place pages include additional information, such as whether the location is open, as well as a button to call the business.

Native Facebook tabs

Now in addition to info and photos, mobile pages display native Facebook tabs for events, locations and Likes. Custom tabs that pages build or buy are not accessible from mobile. Like on personal Timelines, users can swipe to the left to see more tabs if pages have more than three.

Social modules

Users are now able to quickly see how their friends are connected to a page, whether through Likes, check-ins, page activity or things they’ve mentioned in personal posts. Previously, users could see some social activity on place pages, but now this is available for any fan page. And rather than being in a separate tab, it is in-line with Timeline.

On artist pages, users can see which songs are most popular and then click on them to play the songs through the Spotify app. This feature was brought to desktop in June.

Place recommendations, which used to be in a separate tab, have also been brought in-line with Timeline.

Pinned Posts

Users with the updated mobile page layout will also be able to see pinned posts. Previously, posts on mobile were in reverse chronological order. Now when a page owner designates a post to appear first on desktop, that will also appear first on mobile. This is especially important for pages running mobile Sponsored Stories so that users who visit the page for the first time see the most relevant post first.

Admin features

Page owners with the new layout can now view the activity log and see which voice they are publishing from: theirs or the page’s. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch voices from the mobile app like there is on desktop.

The activity log is useful for seeing the most recent fan activity and being able to quickly scroll back and find an action that happened years ago. There is an option to delete any activity from this section of the app.

Have you discovered other new features for pages on mobile? Let us know in the comments or send screenshots to mail [at] insidefacebook [dot] com. 

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