Facebook updates iOS Messenger with stickers, swipe-to-delete feature and redesigned contact info page

Facebook released a new version of Messenger for iOS on Monday, bringing its latest stickers feature from the main app to the standalone chat application.

Stickers are now available in Facebook for iOS, Messenger for iOS and Messenger for Android. Facebook also released a new set of stickers available for free in the “sticker store” within Messenger and the main Facebook app. Some chat apps sell stickers, but so far Facebook has made all eight of its sticker sets free. The newest set is called “Skullington.”

Another change that brings parity between Messenger and the main app are photo filters for images users share in private and group messages, as well as the redesigned contact info page in the latest version of Messenger. This design was introduced in a Facebook for iOS update last month. It includes a “shared photos” album that lets users quickly access images that they exchanged with a friend through private messages, similar to what email clients often include.

A feature exclusive to Messenger is the swipe-to-delete feature, similar to other email and chat apps. Before Monday, users could swipe to archive messages, but couldn’t completely delete from the app. Facebook’s main iOS app doesn’t have this feature because swiping right opens the bookmarks menu and swiping left opens the chat menu.


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