16% Think Facebook Will Be Overtaken By Rivals In 10 Years – Could It Be Twitter? [STUDY]

Yesterday, Facebook announced that there are now more than one billion people actively using the social network each and every month.

Those same folks have contributed an incredible 1.17 trillion Likes, 219 billion photos and 17 billion check-ins.

Amazing numbers.

So, here’s the big, obvious question: has Facebook peaked?

Well, it seems highly unlikely. While Facebook has a high and potentially flat-lining penetration rate in the USA and Europe, there’s plenty of room for growth virtually everywhere else. Just 5.15 percent and 6.68 percent of the population across Africa and Asia respectively use Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, and, thanks to projects like Facebook Zero, those numbers likely won’t stay low for long.

Indeed, a recent study has shown that 25 percent of people believe that Facebook will be bigger than it is today ten years from now, and 34 percent believe it will be “everywhere”.

Still, not everyone is convinced – 18 percent think it will be “about the same”, and 16 percent feel it will have been overtaken by rivals.

Could it be Twitter? Perhaps. Thanks to their mobile-savvy background, everyone’s favourite micro-blogging network has certainly positioned itself for global domination. But, assuming this could ever happen, those days are a long way off. And, more likely, certainly if history repeats itself, a new player will emerge that will take both Twitter and Facebook by surprise, before usurping both. A decade is a long time in “real life”; it’s an eternity in social media. A lot can happen.

Time will, as they like to say, tell. Until then, here’s some interesting social survey data courtesy of Betapond, which they’ve nicely visualised with this infographic.

(Source: Betapond.)