Facebook To Sell Credits Gift Cards At Target

Facebook Credits CardWant to purchase gift cards to use on your favorite Facebook games? Soon enough you’ll be able to do just that at Target based on a new report from Reuters. According to the report, “Facebook Credits will be available in Target stores beginning September 5 in increments of $15, $25 and $50.” This is part of the company’s continued push to expand their Credits platform, a service which has become increasingly integrated with the largest applications on Facebook.

Over the past couple months Facebook has been ramping up Credits promotions through partnerships with a number of companies. Most recently, Rixty launched a promotion with Coinstar to let Facebook users receive bonus Facebook Credits at Coinstar machines. Facebook also recently launched a credits promotion with MOL which helped the company gain distribution of Credits in 7-Elevens and cybercafes throughout Asia.

All of this adds up to a massive marketing push by Facebook to gain Credits distribution to as many people as possible. The easier it is for users to purchase Credits, the more likely that they’ll spend them within games and other applications.