Facebook tests threaded comments on some pages

Facebook is testing a way for users to reply to specific comments on a page post and have those comments appear as a threaded discussion on the page or in News Feed, the company confirms to us.

Facebook says the test is currently limited to pages and threaded comments are not appearing on users’ personal posts.

Threaded comments are a feature of Facebook’s comments plugin for third-party sites, but haven’t been available on the social network itself. Users have long asked for a way to reply to specific comments on Facebook posts. This is especially important for Facebook pages  where users cannot tag and mention other fans they aren’t friends with. With the reply to comment option, users will be notified when someone responds to them. This also makes conversations easier to follow, particularly on posts with a lot of comments.

For now, we’ve only seen threaded comments on a Thai page, which was first written about on Faceblog.