Facebook Testing Conversion Tracking Tool for Advertisers

Facebook is now testing a new tool with some advertisers where they can track “conversions” resulting from their Facebook ads. Brian Boland, the company’s manager of direct response solutions, mentioned it briefly while on stage today at the OMMA Social conference in San Francisco.

The company isn’t saying much more about what the tool tracks. We’re guessing it’s something similar to features found in other advertising tools that let you track traffic to a “goal” page so you can measure the cost per acquisition (CPA) of your ads rather than just the cost per click (CPC). Given Boland’s role, we also assume that the tool will eventually  become generally available to Facebook’s self-serve advertisers.

But we shall see. Here’s what a Facebook spokesperson told us:

We are constantly working on ways to provide greater value and measurement to our advertisers and are always testing new products and features to do that. Conversion tracking is among these tests and is currently available in beta to a small set of advertisers. Better measurement tools are often requested by advertisers and we have taken a number of steps to respond to these requests with different products. For example, we announced Nielsen BrandLift in September 2009 and have seen that this product provides many useful insights to advertisers.