Facebook Sued for Faking It and Liking It


Meet Anthony Ditirro

He has filed a huge lawsuit because (in his opinion) Facebook posted a “sponsored story” that showed him endorsing USA Today, even though he claims never to have visited USA Today’s website or liked it on Facebook. Big deal, right? You may as well as made fun of Ditirro’s mother because dude went off.

Ditirro filed a class-action suit against Facebook under the assumption that if it happened to him, many others may have been created to “fake it,” although no one else has stepped forward yet.  And there’s more…

“Ghost Likes,” as the cool kids call it, are not a new thing — but still unscrupulous nonetheless. Although it seems to happen frequently, Ditirro wants to make sure this practice stops.

From the complaint: “As a proximate result of the above misappropriation of likenesses, PLAINTIFF and Class members were exposed to loss of reputation, humiliation, embarrassment, hurt feeling, mental anguish, and suffering, all to their general damage in an amount according to proof.”

USA Today has more than 1.3 million likes on Facebook, but Anthony here thinks his misappropriated like is causing the national paper a “loss of reputation.” Looks like the reputation is fine to me. So, what says you? Loss of reputation or Ditirro vying for 15 seconds of fame? Do you like that?