Facebook Sharing Privacy Controls Come to Apps, Connect

Facebook introduced a way for users to share individual pieces of content with specific types and lists of their friends, back in December. Today, it has extended the same feature from the Publisher tool to applications. Now, developers can add the same controls within applications and Facebook Connect integrations, so users can share items from an application with a specific group of friends.

The interface will look like the existing controls. A drop-down lets you choose to share an item with everyone, friends of friends, only friends, or a customized selection. The last option lets you choose specific people or lists who will or won’t be able to see the item.

The controls are available for developers to use in the Publisher and Feed forms, as Facebook details. Privacy settings default to whatever the user has already set, although developers can ask users to set alter these settings for specific pieces of content in specific situations. These include publishing to the stream, uploading videos and creating new albums.

Because the controls apply across the platform, sites using Facebook Connect, desktop and mobile applications can use the feature.

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