Facebook Seattle Office Turns 1 And Gets Another Floor

The Facebook office in downtown Seattle is adding a second floor on its one-year anniversary with room for about 30 more engineers.

The Facebook office in downtown Seattle is expanding on its one-year anniversary.

It was Facebook’s first development outside of the Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters and now holds about 50 engineers. The office celebrated with cupcakes and a cake with company logos and a party on Lake Washington.

The second floor will add about 30 more engineers, lured from Microsoft, Google, Amazon.com and startups, according to the Seattle Times.

Managers are already thinking about moving to a larger office, which they would need in 2012 if hiring stays at the current pace. “As fast as we can find good people and absorb them, we’ll hire them,” Engineering Director Peter Wilson told the newspaper.

The Facebook Seattle office isn’t as lavish as its other offices but there are video games, Nerf guns (as evidenced by Facebook intern Cullen Walsh in the photo) and a kitchenette for lunch. The office started with a handful of engineers from Palo Alto and experienced people from other companies that were brought in to set a good example.

Since then, the office’s claim to fame was producing the Skype video chat feature that launched in June. It also created a converter for accessing Facebook from mobile devices that automatically displays a version that works within that user’s hardware.

It’s currently working on the platform, infrastructure, ads, desktop software and Facebook Places.

Readers, what do you think of the expansion?

Image courtesy of the Seattle Times.