Facebook Roundup: Voting Data, eBay, Drop.io, Narcissism, Hires and More

Facebook Election Data – Having already promoted an app that directed U.S. users to the polls for the election on Tuesday, the company provided a followup post analyzing the data it had gathered. In an intriguing correlation, candidates in Congressional races with more fans on their Pages also won their races around three-quarters of the time. The polling app, which allowed users to share the fact that they voted with friends, revealed that older people tended to vote relatively more, and more Republican, in this election. It also showed that people were more likely to indicated they voted if their friends had already shared that they had voted.

Permanent London Dev Garage – TechCrunch reported this week that Facebook is set to open a permanent East London office for its Developer Garage program.

Drop.io Deal Involved Facebook Stock – All Things Digital reported that Facebook’s recent acquisition of Drop.io — which we wrote about last week — left investors CFJ Gotham and RRE Venture with double the $10 million they’d invested in the past two years and that they were paid out of common stock.

eBay Group Gifts Integrates Facebook – eBay’s Group Gifts, which allows users to collectively purchase items, has integrated Facebook Connect into the process.

Cablevision Integrates Facebook Photos – Cablevision is set to release a free multi-player game service in upcoming weeks, but also, a Facebook photo integration called IO Photos which will allow viewrs to see their Facebook photos on their televisions.

Narcissistic Facebook Users Have Low Self-Esteem – A recent study has been able to use Facebook to predict a person’s levels of narcissism and self-esteem. For example, narcissists and those with low self-esteem are more likely to spend more than an hour a day on Facebook and to post self-promotional photos. Narcissists are more likely to attract attention to themselves via status updates. More at the link.

Donate Your Status for Veterans – The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Page is doing an interesting promotion to give away a pair of Super Bowl tickets to one lucky veteran. You sign up to donate your status for Veterans Day and the state with the most people will award the tickets to a veteran.

Pixorial Facebook Video Album – Pixorial is an interesting Facebook app that allows users to organize and share their Facebook videos.

Google Developer Rasmussen to Facebook – TechCrunch reported last week that Google Wave and Maps developer Lars Rasmussen is headed to Facebook. Rasmussen noted the change on his Facebook profile. [Image via Charlie Brewer]

Pepsi Launches Recycling Dream Machine – Pepsi has launched a Facebook application to try to get more people to recycle, help veterans with disabilities and give users some rewards.

World Wildlife Fund Launches Gift Catalog – The World Wildlife Fund has launched a non-profit gift catalog on Facebook allowing users to donate and give gifts right on Facebook. Users can Share or Like these items and spread the word on Facebook.

Zuckerberg ‘Awarded’ Fear Medal – The twin rallies held last weekend in Washington, D.C. by comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert included “awards” the pair gave to public figures. Colbert jokingly awarded Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg one of the “fearies” for helping increase the public’s sense of fear by making them afraid for their online privacy.