Facebook Roundup: RockYou, YouTube, Android and Zuckerberg

Google Releases New Facebook App for Android – This week Google released a new version of Facebook for Android, now live on the market, that allows you to browse your friend’s profiles and photo albums with more ease. You may also share photos and leave comments on them with more ease.

YouTube Strengthens Connection to FacebookYouTube is going social, announcing this week that, in addition to Gmail contacts, users can now connect with people with Facebook and Yahoo accounts who have synced them to YouTube through AutoShare. Some new features will accompany the change.

You can go to anyone’s channel and see how many views their uploads have received and the playlist display in searches has also changed to become “strongly more visually identified.” Turning on the activity feed allows users to see what’s been tagged as a favorite, commented on, how videos were rated, etc.

The feed is in “test mode,” according to YouTube, but is asking users to turn it on in order to push videos embedded on Facebook back to their YouTube homepages. In this vein YouTube is also encouraging users to form more groups. YouTube also added some options that are meant to streamline participation in groups.

RockYou Hacked, 32 Million User Passwords ExposedRockYou has had some explaining to do. Security firm Imperva warned that there was a serious SQL injection flaw in their database, potentially exposing the service’s entire list of user names and passwords — and the worst has happened.

Not only were all 32,603,388 hacked, but, a full list of unprotected plain text passwords and email addressed, and also a list of partner sites, such as information for MySpace. A company rep later said that RockYou’s Facebook apps and ad network had not been attacked.

RockYou says the hack affected “older” applications — its widgets. The company has dmitted the mistake and it says changes to the company’s security system will be forthcoming.

Zuckerberg One of Newsweek’s Newly-Minted Tycoons – Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg placed third on Newsweek’s 20/10 Project’s Newly-Minted Tycoons list. Along with the likes of “The Google Guys” (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) and Jay-Z, Zuckerberg was tapped as one of the people who marked the first decade of the 20th century.

Zuckerberg was also tapped as the most influential mogul by men aged 18-54 via a poll of millions of LivingSocial users who participated in November by picking their own top five lists on the media developer’s Facebook page.

Facebook Shuts Down Berlusconi Attacker Group – Facebook shut down a group this week, after aids to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi claimed it “promoting violence” by supporting Massimo Tartaglia, the man who attacked 73 year-old Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Dec. 13.

The attack resulted not only in two broken teeth and a fractured nose for Berlusconi, but a Facebook fan page for Tartaglia that attracted more than 100,000 people in 48 hours after the attack. The page has since been taken down, perhaps in response to previous threats to Facebook in Italy. However, several similar groups remain online; one such discussion boasting more than 400,000 members still hosts some pretty anti-Berlusconi material (see below).

Facebook fought legislation in Italy last winter that would have allowed government authorities to shut down the site unless the company blocked content deemed inappropriate. The site has also had to previously block pages with groups like “Let’s Kill Berlusconi” and fan pages of mob bosses.

Carnival Cruises Bars its Content from Facebook, RecantsCarnival Cruise Lines retracted a policy sent out to travel agents this week that barred them from using any Carnival trademark or intellectual property on social networking sites, including Facebook, without prior written approval.