Facebook Roundup: Netflix, Hires, Comments, Privacy, Insights, Ads, Baseball and More

White House Pushes Privacy Bill – The Obama Administration is seeking to create a privacy bill of rights intended to protect Internet users. This week administration officials asked Congress to pass the legislation aimed at regulating data gathering online. It’s unclear how Facebook might be impacted. [Photo Via White House]

European Union Requires Stricter Rules for Facebook – The European Union is set to overhaul its 16 year-old privacy rules to address social networking; these rules would target the way Facebook and other companies utilize user data.

Facebook’s Engineering Team on New Insights – Facebook’s Engineering team wrote a post about the thought that went into building the new Insights system.

Facebook Makes Tech PR Hire – Facebook has hired Caryn Marooney, co-founder of OutCast Agency, to lead its tech public relations strategy. The Director of Technology Communications position specifically does outreach with the tech community, reported AllThingsD. [Image Via Twitter]

Facebook Implements Micro Servers – Intel powers power and space saving technology that has caught the attention of Facebook; these micro servers may be part of a “mass deployment” for the company’s operations in late 2011 or 2012, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook Comments Better and WorseFacebook-enabled commenting has reduced the percentage of commenting overall and per post, according to an analysis by TechCrunch. But another analysis shows that Google Buzz increased by 30% and Likes increased total and average numbers.

Facebook Changes Comments – Facebook users may now post comments without having to hit “Share,” and simply press Enter on their keyboards.

Facebook Changes Places, Features Memorable Statuses – Facebook has changed other parts of its interface, too. Eti Suruzon points out that Facebook adds “Nearby Places” to Places Pages now, and also features a “Memorable Status Updates” module on the right-hand side.

Android for Facebook Updated – The Facebook Android app was updated, specifically when it comes to photos, security, Deals and chat.

Netflix’s Facebook Integration Has Begun – Netflix has begun asking customers to synchronize their accounts with their Facebook accounts, allowing them to share what they’re watching with their network. The integration allows a users’ friends to see they’re a Netflix member, what they’re watched, rated, what’s in queue, Likes, interests, and more.

Facebook Shares Used By Fraudsters – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warned potential investors to be wary of pre-IPO stock offerings, such as Facebook. One securities trader tricked more than 50 investors into forking over $9.6 million involving fake Facebook stock.

MXP4’s Pump It Facebook’s Top Music Game – MXP4’s Pump It game is the number one game on Facebook, or so the company press release claims. The game has been used by 30 artists, such as Enrique Iglesias and Nelly Furtado, and has more than 1.3 monthly active users.

Brighter Option Releases Social Ad Manager UpdateBrighter Option, a company that allows clients to create, target, and bid on ads at a large scale through a self-service tool, released version 2.5 of its Social Ad Manager. The new version offers more information about performance, scheduling, campaign timeline and interest clusters.

Facebook Instrumental in Investigative Journalism – A Denver television journalist won a duPont-Columbia Award after using Facebook for an investigation into housing scams resulting in foreclosures.

Facebook to Stream Baseball Games Free – Facebook is set to stream Major League Baseball pre-season games live until the end of the month.

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