Facebook roundup: large investors sell shares, Gehry to design new building at HQ, agency learning tool launches and more

Facebook co-founder and early investor sell shares – Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and early investor Peter Thiel both sold a portion of their shares since the IPO lockup period ended last week. Thiel, of venture capital firm Founders Fund, sold nearly 20.1 million shares, a majority of his stake. Thiel, who is a Facebook board member, also maintains voting control over the shares owned by Founders Fund. Moskovitz, who helped build the site with Zuckerberg, sold 450,000 shares, leaving him with 7.05 million Class A shares.

Frank Gehry to design building at Facebook HQ – World-renowned architect Frank Gehry has been tapped to design Facebook’s new building at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Construction for the 420,000-square-foot project will likely begin in spring next year. The campus extension will be a large, one room building that somewhat resembles a warehouse, though it will be surrounded by trees and include a roof-top garden. An underground tunnel will connect the new building to the rest of the campus.

Facebook agency learning tool rolls out – Facebook has begun to offer Facebook Studio Edge, an interactive learning program for agencies. The program, which is still in beta for select agencies, is designed to help agencies stay on top of the latest product updates and best practices for marketing with Facebook. Topics include the latest on Facebook Pages, ads and social technology.

India government calls on Facebook, Google to remove content – Facebook and Google said Tuesday they are working on requests from India to remove “inflammatory and hateful content,” after the government suggested the rumors spreading across the sites were sparking a mass exodus of people from several cities. Facebook, which has about 50 million users in India, told the Wall St. Journal that it had received the requests and said it is working to respond to the concerns. “Facebook will remove content which breaches our terms,” it said in a statement.