Facebook Roundup: IPO, Privacy, Like Button, Eventbrite, Acquisitions, Winklevoss Bros, Baseball and More

Facebook IPO “Inevitable” – Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said this week that a Facebook IPO is “inevitable.” [Image via Facebook]

Facebook, Others Oppose California Privacy Bill – A proposed bill in the California legislature, SB 242 the Social Networking Privacy Act, would change the information that companies like Facebook could provide about users under 18. Facebook and other tech companies submitted a formal letter of opposition in response.

Study: Like Button Gathers User Data – The Wall Street Journal published a story on a report the publication completed on social widgets such as Facebook’s Like button. The report notes that such widgets appear on 20-25% of the 1,000 most-visited sites and that Facebook claims it anonymizes this data, deleting it within 90 days.

Facebook’s Acquisitions Mostly for Talent – A New York Times story scrutinizes Facebook’s acquisitions (a long-running trend that we’ve covered in detail before), specifically looking at whether the company paid too much in some cases. The story notes that the $47 million FriendFeed acquisition cost about $4 million per employee and Drop.io brought in only one employee to the company for several million dollars. The point is talent. Engineers today “are worth half a million to a million” dollars, explained Vaughan Smith in the interview.

Facebook Wants Help Section to Go Viral – Facebook is asking users who visit the site’s Help section to share information about how to avoid malicious script scams. [Image via AllFacebook]

New Technology to Fight Child Porn – Facebook is using the Microsoft-created PhotoDNA program to fight child pornography amongst the 200 million images uploaded to the social network daily.

Eventbrite Raises $50M – Eventbrite, a startup that leverages social networks to sell tickets, raised $50 million in Series E funding this week led by Tiger Global. This brings the total funding for Eventbrite for $79.5 million, and the company said the money is set for domestic and international expansion.

Facebook on GigaOm’s Structure 50 List – GigaOm’s Structure 50 list of companies influencing the cloud includes Facebook, in light of its advances in server and database hardware and software. You can find out more about the Structure conference here.

Jive Facebook Connector Syncs Discussion Forums – Jive Software has launched Jive Facebook Connector to allow Facebook Pages to create a version of the Jive community forum found on their website as a tab application. Comments on either instance of the forum are synced with the other, reducing the need to push users from one online presence to the other, and pulling Facebook content offsite to assist with SEO.

Fan Appz Launches Fan Tabz – Fan Appz launched a new custom tab application, Fan Tabz, this week for $19.95 a month.

Baseball Fans Share Team Love on Facebook – Facebook’s Data Team wrote an interesting blog this week detailing the different ways in which fans share their love for baseball teams on Facebook.

Winklevoss Bros Lose Another Court Move – The Winklevoss brothers, who have been suing Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook for several years, lost a bid to have their case heard again in the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.