Facebook Removes Comments & Preferences From the Newsfeed Again

In a strange twist of events, Facebook has apparently removed preferences and comments from the newsfeed. I can only assume that this is a temporary error as it doesn’t make much sense to remove comments at the least. Facebook for iPhone still seems to work with comments but the feed that appears is different then the one which appears from the web which is somewhat confusing.

Facebook has flipped back and forth between displaying the preferences settings in the newsfeed over the past year months. Perhaps the additional ranking variable made the newsfeed over complicated. Whatever the case is, the setting has disappeared once again. I think more significant is the lack of commenting features from the newsfeed.

Just in the past month I have seen a sharp increase in the number of comments on my newsfeed items. Removing the commenting feature from the main newsfeed will most definitely reduce the overall number of comments to my profile. Do you think this is a permanent change? Do you prefer the comments in the newsfeed or did you dislike them? Did you find the newsfeed preferences to have any impact on the stories that were displayed?

Facebook has put the preferences and comments back. Apparently it was a temporary glitch as Ari points out in the comments.