Does a Facebook Relationship Make it Official?

This afternoon I got in a conversation with someone about the logistics of Facebook relationships. Recently I’ve met a variety of individuals that each have different policies on when they make a relationship official on Facebook and whether or not they ever do. Ultimately relationships are one of the most complicated things and with the rise of Facebook, it has become even more complicated.

If one person is into a relationship more than another and wants to make a relationship public as to “lock in” the other person, they may push for what amounts to a public announcement. Is there some sort of standards for Facebook relationships though? Do you have a standard that you follow? Personally, I prefer to keep all relationship information off of Facebook as I have professional contacts that are my “friend” on the site.

Other people I know actually state things such as “Is Complicated”. That doesn’t really sound like a position of strength from negotiating purposes though. Then again, successful relationships aren’t exactly negotiable, are they? Honestly this isn’t the relationship blog but I thought I’d mix it up a little and talk about Facebook relationship statuses. What standards do you follow?

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