Facebook redesigns mobile News Feed to look more like Timeline; photos now 3x larger

Facebook today announced a new design for its mobile News Feed that displays posts in individual boxes similar to how they appear on Timeline.

As part of the redesign, photos now appear three times larger than before, which could make browsing more efficient since there is less need to tap to see an image fullscreen. Fewer stories are visible at one time, but each one stands out more now that Facebook has added a light blue background to the feed.

This could improve engagement with page’s posts on mobile devices. Currently in the desktop feed, photos from pages appear significantly smaller than those from personal profiles. However, the mobile feed treats posts from pages and profiles the same, which could be particularly beneficial for advertisers running Sponsored Stories that appear on mobile devices. Facebook did not comment on whether it would make any changes to the desktop version of News Feed to be more similar the mobile experience.

Nonetheless, pages should consider sharing square photos to maximize the amount of space their posts take up in the mobile feed and increase the likelihood that fans Like or comment on the activity.

These design changes will begin to roll out on iOS, Android and m.facebook.com today. Users will not have to download a new version of the Facebook app to get the new layout.

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