Facebook Rearranges Events Page to Be More Like Other Pages

Facebook has just released a design change that makes the Events page layout more similar to profile pages and public Pages. The in-house app appears to otherwise function the same as before, so here’s a quick look at the changes.

All information about users who were invited to the event now appears on the left-hand side, having been previously been located above the page’s wall. The right-hand radio button RSVP options now appear as regular buttons, at the top right of the page. Details about your current RSVP status, as well as the Event administrator who invited you, are now also at the top of the page. The Wall itself now includes the regular Publisher tool, like what you see elsewhere. Sponsored ads now fill most of the right-hand side.

By making the page more like other profile-type pages, Facebook is further standardizing how its 500 million or so users navigate the site, thereby reducing confusion and potentially increasing engagement. The change appears to be live for all users now.