Facebook prompts admins to re-engage with neglected pages

As part of a continued effort to increase engagement across the site, Facebook has begun emailing some page owners who have not visited or made posts to their pages a while.

Earlier this year we noticed Facebook showing some admins notifications about how many posts and views their page recently received. Now, the company seems to be trying an email campaign that recommends page owners post a new update or photo, fill out components of their page’s Timeline or learn about tips and best practices from a video or pdf. An example of these emails is below.

Now that the social network is beginning to hit a threshold of users in markets like the U.S., it has to focus on increasing engagement. There are more than 42 million Facebook pages with 10 or more Likes, but many of these pages are neglected after they fail to pick up traction or page owners have trouble understanding how to get value out of the social network.

These suggestions could be useful start to helping page owners understand what to do to engage fans. As we recommended previously, Facebook should present page owners with more resources, not just notifications about how many views or fans they’re getting.

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