Facebook Promotes Politics, Will it Work?

Politics Newsfeed Screenshot

Yesterday I wrote about how the Facebook and ABC News partnership was receiving a lot of negative press. I even called the partnership irrelevant. Soon after I received an e-mail from Facebook’s communications department stating “your posting seemed to talk mainly about content distribution. The partnership is actually about starting and ongoing debate and discussion about the presidential election—both on Facebook with the US Politics application and in a real-world, televised debate on Jan. 5.”

Perhaps I missed some of the details surrounding the partnership but my position still stands: Facebook users don’t want to spend their time on Facebook discussing politics for the most part. I still stand by that position. Today, Facebook began promoting their politics application again via the newsfeed to try to encourage users to become more active. While I think this is a great idea I don’t think it’s going to hold. As always, it is easier to be a pessimist so perhaps this will eventually work.

The funny thing is that yesterday, one of the Facebook corporate communications representatives emphasized the telvised debate coming up on January 5th but I couldn’t find any mention of the debate anywhere on the application. Honestly, I just go to the traditional news sites as well as Memeorandum to keep up to date on what’s going on in politics. Do you think the Facebook politics application will gain any traction?