Facebook Profiles Launching Monday?

Last week I asked where the new profiles were. Facebook had provided developers with a notice that the new profiles would finally be launching by Wednesday evening. Wednesday rolled around, then Thursday, then Friday and developers began wondering what was going on. Last night Facebook wrote that developers should have their applications ready by tonight so that the first users that opt-in to the new profile can start interacting with the updated version of applications.

It appears that Facebook still had some last minute changes and simply wasn’t ready for launch. Could they actually be ready for launch this time around? Hopefully! If all goes well, users will begin having access to the new profile design in the next 24 hours. At this point I had figured that Facebook would simply wait until f8 to officially launch the new profile but apparently they are simply moving ahead with the launch.

According to one person I spoke with, the profile will not be switching over to all users as the default until a couple weeks into August. For the time being, everything will be completely opt-in. For now, let’s hope second time’s the charm.