Take This Lollipop On Facebook … If You Dare

The Internet is littered with educational content about Facebook and privacy, but Take This Lollipop is the creepiest yet best-produced thing we've seen so far on this topic.

The Internet is littered with content related to Facebook and privacy, but we doubt there’s anything as downright creepy, yet well-produced, as Take This Lollipop.

We should mention that Take This Lollipop is 100 percent safe, and that while users must grant it permission to access their Facebook data, the data is not shared or stored, and used only once.

What’s it used for? After granting permission, you see a video a seriously tweaked-out guy logging on to your profile, and becoming more and more unsettled by your status updates and photos.

We won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say that we’re pretty happy Take This Lollipop is fiction.

We also found it interesting that although our Take This Lollipop video compiles within one minute; the status updates and photos the footage includes are older and random (we played it more than once to confirm this). So the site isn’t merely scraping recent material.

Take This Lollipop was created by television and music director Jason Zada, who told The New York TimesBits blog he worked with a cinematographer, an actor, and a developer on the “fun side project,” and more than 300,000 Facebook users accessed it within its first 24 hours of being public.

Zada told Bits he believes the success of Take This Lollipop is a result of Facebook users’ concerns about how their personal information is utilized, and he added:

People keep asking me what sinister plan we’re working on behind it. I just love Halloween, and got the idea about a month ago and decided to shoot it. When you see your personal information in an environment where you normally wouldn’t, it creates a strong emotional response. It’s tied into the fears about privacy and personal info that we have now that we live online. We’re not doing anything crazy with the info. It just makes you feel that way.

Readers, check out Take This Lollipop, if you dare, and let us know what you think of it.