Facebook platform update: real-time insights, Offers API

Facebook announced updates to the Insights API and Pages API this week in a post on the company’s developer blog.

Real-time insights — A number of page post metrics will now be available in “real-time.” Previously, page owners could see likes, comments and shares as they happened, but other insights, such as impressions and negative feedback, were only available two days after a post was published. Now the following insights will be refreshed every 15 minutes:

  • page_storytellers
  • post_stories
  • post_storytellers
  • post_stories_by_action_type
  • post_storytellers_by_action_type
  • post_impressions
  • post_impressions_unique
  • post_impressions_paid
  • post_impressions_paid_unique
  • post_impressions_organic
  • post_impressions_organic_unique
  • post_impressions_viral
  • post_impressions_viral_unique
  • post_impressions_by_story_type
  • post_impressions_by_story_type_unique
  • post_consumptions
  • post_consumptions_unique
  • post_consumptions_by_type
  • post_consumptions_by_type_unique
  • post_engaged_users
  • post_negative_feedback
  • post_negative_feedback_unique
  • post_negative_feedback_by_type
  • post_negative_feedback_by_type_unique

Offers API — Facebook has added support for creating and managing offers through the API. The feature is still in beta for a limited number of pages in the U.S., New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Turkey. However, Facebook says offers will roll out widely in “coming weeks.”

Breaking changes — The offline_access permission is being deprecated and will be removed July 5. For now, developers have the option to turn this change on or off, but on May 2, Facebook will automatically enable the migration for all apps.

Facebook will remove the group_type and group_subtype columns from the group FQL table on May 2.

Developers will also no longer have the ability to claim domains with a page ID as of May 2. Facebook recommends claiming domains with an app ID or user ID instead. Existing domains that have been claimed will continue to work and owners will be able to view insights or run Sponsored Stories for that domain.