Facebook Places Hasn't Gone Live in India and Israel, Despite Rumors

People can check in to Facebook Places in Israel and India, according to individuals in those countries.

-Places Logo-People are clamoring for Facebook Places to become available worldwide, but alas, rumored availability in Israel and India is simply, well, rumor.

“We don’t offer serivce there,” said Facebook’s Director of Communications, Jonny Thaw. He suggested that people in Israel and India might have been able to check in with Foursquare and then export their data feeds to Facebook.

But that’s not using Facebook on a mobile device to check in to Places. Thaw said that even the check-ins on Foursquare that get exported to Facebook might be one offs in Israel and India.

“People can still use the GPS part of their phone but we’re not in those locations,” said Thaw, referring to India and Israel. “Maybe the person managed to check in to one place, but if they went around to other places in the country they wouldn’t be able to. I’d wanted to use Places when I was in Costa Rica on vacation but couldn’t.”

Earlier this morning Digital Inspiration blogged that folks who work for Google’s office in Guagnol, India were able to check in to said location today. This same blog indiccated that people working for Facebook’s offices in the country had access to the geolocation service from the get go. Apparently, that’s incorrect.

The last confirmed expansion of Facebook Places outside the U.S. was the addition of France, Italy and Australia in late September. The service is also available in Japan, the U.K. and Canada.

It certainly makes sense for Places to go first where cellular phone networks are the strongest and mobile phone usage is greatest. But like Facebook’s Thaw alluded to, people who hail from these parts of the world frequently travel internationally and want to check in while vacationing.

Readers, have you used Places during your last trip? How would you like to use the service while traveling internationally?