Facebook Photos Product Manager Sam Odio Is Leaving

Sam Odio, Facebook's product manager for photos is leaving the company at the end of the week.

Sam Odio, Facebook’s product manager for photos is leaving the company at the end of the week.

He joined Facebook over a year ago when the company acquired his photo-sharing start-up, Divvyshot in April 2010.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed Odio’s departure via email, without revealing what his plans are.

Al lThings Digital described his joining Facebook as typifying the social network’s talent acquisition strategy:

Many long-time employees have left Facebook over the years, including early and prominent ones, and a key strategy for replacing them was to bring in entrepreneurial types through so-called “acqhires.”

The company named a string of talented and ambitious start-up CEOs as product managers after it bought their companies, including Odio, former Hot Potato CEO Justin Shaffer, former Nextstop CEO Carl Sjogreen and former Drop.io CEO Sam Lessin. Plus, former FriendFeed CEO Bret Taylor is now Facebook CTO.

Now we don’t know whether it’s just a coincidence that earlier today we learned of a rumored photo sharing application for the iPhone to be released by Facebook, as opposed to a third-party vendor.

What are the odds that this isn’t a coincidence? Is Odio actually leaving his job at the social network to helm another startup that would be the one releasing the new photo sharing application for the iPhone? Or is he simply going because of having completed work on the aforementioned app and a desire to move on? Readers, I’ll let you answer that in the comments section.