Facebook, P&G, UM! Brands, Jordan and others on this week’s top PTAT gainers among product and service pages

Facebook’s company page is this week’s top gaining page in the People Talking About This metric among product and services. The page saw over 1.1 million additional engagements in the last week and continues to grow among with almost 900,000 engagements in the last 24 hours.

Of the top 10 pages this week, six have over 1 million likes. Two have less than 1 million, but more than 30,000 page likes. The Conservative Newsfeed has only 12,000 likes and UM! Brands only has 7,500 likes yet still rank in the top 10 because of their highly engaging, viral posts.

We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Facebook2,449,031+893,300+1,187,795
2   The Conservative Newsfeed713,949+288,466+487,018
3   P&G401,439+213,725+259,763
4   Grandparents.com388,479+262,654+253,442
5   Tattoos and Tattoo Art646,473+23,154+249,872
6   Save the ta-tas277,190+219,042+214,606
7   UM! Brands227,547+90,409+182,021
8   Samsung Mobile USA304,446+130,816+138,817
9   Jordan270,885+104,071+135,898
10   Cabbage Patch Kids Fan Page224,543+33,952+133,924

Facebook comes in at number one this week in credit to the introduction of Graph Search. Announced on Jan. 15, the promotional video of Mark Zuckerberg explaining the building of Graph Search continues to draw engagement, growing virally with a large number of shares. Many users do not have access to the feature so uninformed Facebook users may just be finding out about the announcement in their newsfeeds.

Both The Conservative Newsfeed and UM! Brands have a lot fewer total page Likes than the other the pages on the list this week. However, due to some of their page posts going viral by drawing shares, their page’s reach has been amplified for the week. Their posts may have been shared by a big influencer which would lead to the larger PTAT.


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