Facebook Pages Prove Their Effectiveness

Over the past few days, one page after the other appears in my newsfeed. Frequently, I end up becoming a fan of many of the brands that appear in my newsfeed simply because I have similar tastes as many of my friends. What is particularly genius about these pages is that many of the pages that appear are ones that my “closest” friends have joined. When I say closest friends, I mean those that I share the most common interests with. For instance, 16 of my friends are currently friends of the Facebook Platform. I obviously am as well.

There have also been Pages that have experienced alarming success. A page for Kevin Rudd, an Australian politician who is currently campaigning, received over 20,000 supporters overnight. Imagine the impact this could have for U.S. campaigns. Two days ago one of Hillary Clinton’s advisors was quoted, “Our people look like caucus-goers,” Grunwald said, “and his people [referring to Obama] look like they are 18. Penn said they look like Facebook.”

If that’s really the case then Obama should hurry up and create one of these Pages. I have yet to see any political pages come through my news feed. Hillary Clinton’s campaign should also smarten up and joing the conversation on the web if she wants to have a chance of winning. Grassroots was one of the primary drivers by the Kerry campaign a few years back and although he lost, the election made history by attracting a large number of younger voters to the polls.

The bottom line here is that just as Dave Rigotti suggested yesterday, you need a Facebook page for your brand! Have you set yours up? I have set up this site’s page already so go join the AllFacebook page now!