Facebook Pages Now Part Of Google's Real-Time Results

-Google Logo-A few weeks after Google first announced the launch of Twitter and MySpace’s integration into their-real time search results, Facebook Pages have begun to show up. While the features are just beginning to roll out, they real-time search will be globally available in English over the next few days. While the few million pages that Facebook has are nowhere near the 400 million Facebook users on the site.

Whether or not Facebook’s public status updates from users will ever end up in Google is unknown, however there’s a good likelihood considering Facebook has stated that the “Everyone” privacy setting truly means everyone. So far, we’ve yet to find any topics that show Facebook Page status results, but I’m sure they exist.

Google is now highlighting the most popular topics within Google Trends under a new category called “Hot Topics”. It’s an attempt to surface information similar to Twitter Trends. However after clicking on one of the hot topics right now, two results showed up that were from 15 and 20 minutes ago, which means this system still has a fair amount of optimization left.

Ultimately Google now needs to balance the volume of tweets and Facebook status updates with the various queries coming into their system. With tons of content being indexed at any given moment, surfacing that data is definitely challenging. For now, we doubt Facebook Page updates will be able to compare to the volume of Twitter updates running through the system, but if Facebook decides to open up a stream to public user updates, my guess is that this could change quickly.