Facebook Page Creators Embrace Google Plus

It was all fun and games in the battle between Facebook and Google Plus until the leading page creators got involved.

It was all fun and games in the battle between Facebook and Google Plus until the leading page creators got involved.

Following last week’s launch of Pages for Google Plus, that social network’s equivalent of Facebook brand pages, page-creation outfits such as Vitrue and Buddy Media announced their support for the newcomer.

Vitrue said its product team integrated Google Plus functionality into its Social Relationship Manager platform, and has begun rolling out the offering to its clients.

The vendor adding that its entire client base should have access to Google Plus tools by year-end; they will become part of a centralized dashboard incorporating options for multiple social media networks.

The company added in a statement:

We have been looking forward to this opportunity to announce to 100-plus of our clients at our client Summit in Las Vegas that we have launched this partnership with Google Plus. This new platform allows our customers to extend their reach even further to the audience we believe Google Plus will accumulate in the near future.

As for Buddy Media, the company integrated Google Plus functionality into ConversationBuddy, allowing brands to enter into social publishing, moderation, filtering, and analytics across Google Plus, Facebook, and other social networks.

Among ConversationBuddy features now extended to Google Plus users:

  • Scheduling of posts;
  • Approval of content before posting;
  • Moderating conversations;
  • Using Google Plus Circles to segment their customer base; and
  • Analytics including followers, +1 clicks, comments, and reshares.

Buddy Media Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazerow said:

Now that Google Plus Pages is opened up for brands, we see a great opportunity to help brands create sustainable communities and power connections. Our integration of Google Plus into the Buddy Media social marketing suite will enable brands and agencies to roll out Google Plus Page programs at scale within their organizations.

We’re excited to be among the first partners selected by Google, based on our experience helping brands manage their social presences, and to extend our expertise to help brands and agencies utilize Google Plus.

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