NutshellMail Automatically Generates Facebook Page Newsletters

Great news today for Facebook page administrators – NutshellMail, a service that allows users to track updates from several social networking sites through an email aggregate, has added an automated newsletter feature that will assist administrators in keeping fans up to date on the latest fan page updates.

NutShellMail’s web site claims that creating and adding an email newsletter to your page can be completed in under a minute. After adding the application to a fan page, the administrator can simply add an additional tab (“Email Newsletter”) and start promoting away. The application’s interface is basic enough for almost any fan page administrator to implement the service.

There’s little doubt that NutshellMail’s newest feature will increase the potential for fan engagement. Casual Facebook users may not visit all of their pages everyday or keep track of the latest updates, so aggregates of the updates will help almost any Facebook user stay in the loop.

What are your thoughts on NutshellMail’s newest functionality? If you’re a fan page administrator, do you plan on implementing it into your fan page? Below is a screenshot of NutshellMail’s newsletter functionality as published by Techcrunch.