Facebook Opens Preferred Developer Consultant Fall 2011 Submissions

Facebook has just begun the application process for selecting the next batch of Preferred Developer Consultants. It began accepting permissions yesterday and will close at 5 p.m. PST December 6.

Facebook created the PDC to list trusted providers for Facebook-related services in application development, Pages, campaigns and other social experiences for companies, brands and celebrities. PDCs have a long history of providing Facebook development tools, most from the early days of Facebook. The initial list started in December 2009, and there are currently 90 PDCs with about 170 offices worldwide, 67 outside the United States. The last round of submissions was in May, when Facebook added 25 developers to the PDC Directory.

Facebook also says that organizationally PDCs will be brought together with Ads API partners to form a single Facebook Marketing API Program. It is actively encouraging all service provider companies to broaden their range of offerings for the various needs of those using the platform. “Our long-term goal is to support development companies that can provide integrated and holistic Platform, Pages, and Ads solutions to Facebook marketing and business operations,” program manager Matt Trainer says in the blog post about the new round.

PDCs can be found based on location and expertise, and Facebook provides a mapping application on its Platform page, PDC Lookup, added in 2010.

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