Facebook Now Showing 7 and 30 Day Stats to Developers

As announced last week, Facebook has just turned on 7 and 30 day stats for developers on the Developer Stats page and via a new API (admin.getMetrics). Now, in addition to getting stats and graphs for the last day, developers can get the following stats for the past week and month:

  • active_users — The number of active users.
  • api_calls — The number of API calls made by your application.
  • unique_api_calls — The number of users on whose behalf your application made API calls.
  • canvas_page_views — The number of canvas page views.
  • unique_canvas_page_views — The number of users who viewed your application’s canvas page.
  • canvas_http_request_time_avg — The average time to fulfill an HTTP request to your application’s canvas page.
  • canvas_fbml_render_time_avg — The average time to render FBML on your application’s canvas page.
  • unique_adds — The number of users who added your application. 1-day only.
  • unique_removes — The number of users who removed your application. 1-day only.
  • unique_blocks — The number of users who blocked your application. 1-day only.
  • unique_unblocks — The number of users who unblocked your application. 1-day only.

This is a nice touch for developers, who can always use more data to triangulate reality. Here’s a screenshot from a friend’s application:

facebook 7 day stats