Facebook now reports average News Feed position for Sponsored Stories

Facebook is now offering advertisers new metrics about how their Sponsored Stories perform in News Feed, including the average position within the feed where the story was inserted.

This additional data will help advertisers understand how their ads are performing on the social network and how they might better optimize campaigns. Several early tests have found that News Feed-based ads have significantly higher clickthrough rates than sidebar ads. As Facebook provides data to show how well ads work within the feed, advertisers will increasingly want to run ads in that placement. However, with News Feed inventory much more limited, competition for the space will drive up prices.

Until recently when Facebook began allowing advertisers to choose where to run Sponsored Stories, there was no way for advertisers to know where their ads were appearing and how each placement was performing. Since June, advertisers have been able to get some of this data if they created separate ads for each placement, but this is only possible to do through the Ads API or Power Editor. Now, even if advertisers select all placements or create their ads in the self-serve tool, Facebook will report News Feed results separately. However, it does not break out mobile versus desktop metrics.

Average News Feed position is an entirely new metric that Preferred Marketing Developers learned about in June, but apparently wasn’t available through the Ads API until late last week. It has also begun appearing the the reporting section of the self-serve ads manager. With sidebar ads, Facebook has not let advertisers know what position their ad appeared in.

Thanks to Justin Oh for the tip and the screenshot.

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