Facebook is Now Helping Marketers Fine-Tune Those Ads for Mobile Apps

How about a game to go with that new tablet?

For companies that love to advertise their apps on Facebook during the holidays, the social site has some new targeting options this year. 

Now, mobile-app advertisers are guaranteed their promos will be seen by a specific number of Facebook users. For example, they can build campaigns to hit a large audience of 4 million users but limit the number of times each person sees a specific ad.

And if those ads feature videos, they are eligable to play automatically in the News Feed, based on factors like Wi-Fi. Facebook has slowly been rolling out auto-play for advertisers—in October, it enabled the feature on Instagram.

Another new tool will let app marketers target Facebook users who access the social site on an Amazon Fire tablet. It's unclear how effective this will be since Amazon's devices represent such a small piece of the overall tablet market. Still, Amazon claims tablet sales from Amazon.com were three times higher this Black Friday than they were last year.

Pleasing these marketers is probably a smart move: Mobile made up 66 percent of Facebook's ad revenue in the third quarter of 2014.

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