Facebook: No One's Playing On Google Plus Yet

Facebook Director of Game Partnerships Sean Ryan points out that Google Plus has to price its game stream at five percent because no one's playing yet.

At a recent press event, Facebook Director of Game Partnerships Sean Ryan had some choice words for Google Plus, his new competition in the social gaming landscape.

He said Google has the right to emulate aspects of Facebook’s system but Facebook just needs to be better.

Ryan argued Google’s entrance into the casual gaming market at a much cheaper commission was like McDonald’s recent efforts to offer premium coffee, competing in the same space as Starbucks.

That may have been the wrong comparison since McDonald’s has done quite well in that market.

Ryan went on to say, “Google is at five percent because they don’t have any users.”

He was insinuating that Google Plus takes just a five percent cut from developers (Facebook takes 30 percent) because Google Plus has only 25 million registered users compared to Facebook’s 750 million. There is no telling how long that low commission rate will last as Google Plus grows.

Casual gaming revenue is the latest point of interest in the rivalry between the two social networks since Google Plus launched less than two months ago.

It’s a valid point since the global virtual goods market is expected to more than double to $20.3 billion by 2014, according to research and investment bank ThinkEquity.

Readers, have you played any games on Google Plus yet?

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