Facebook Restores News Feed To Previous Design, Sort Of

Facebook has gotten the message that people don't like the news feed changes, and soon you'll be able to revert to the previous format if you'd like. Or choose to see everything in chronological order.

One of the biggest issues Facebook users raised about the changes to the news feed introduced six weeks ago was the most recent stories not appearing at the top. Now, the social network has brought back that option. Sort of.

Facebook Engineering Manager Mark Tonkelowitz announced in a blog post that users can opt to see stories organized in the way the news feed displayed things previously.

To do that, click on “recent stories first” in the new filter that is appearing on the top of he news feed. Clicking on “highlighted stories first” puts what used to be called “top stories” at the top.

However, one thing that doesn’t change in the news feed: photos are still big.

Readers: Will you go back to the previous way of viewing news feed, or have you gotten used to the changed version?