Facebook Moving Apps to Your Profile’s “Boxes” Tab

The Facebook Profile Preview team tonight unveiled another screenshot of the upcoming Facebook profile page redesign that shows the new “Boxes” tab for the first time. While the main Feed tab will only have room for 3 app boxes by default, the Boxes tab could potentially house dozens of application profile boxes.

According to Facebook, users will be able to choose which boxes appear on this page directly from the tab itself, and users can move boxes around just like they currently can on the profile. Notably, the two columns on this page leave room for wide-format profile boxes, previously thought to be getting the boot from the profile altogether.

Facebook Profile Redesign - Boxes Tab Screenshot

Facebook says that, “Our intention is that the ‘Boxes’ tab can be a good place for your friends to go to learn more about you and your history on Facebook, in addition to learning what sort of applications you like.”

Clearly, Facebook faces tough design decisions here as it attempts to balance and align user and developer interests. Without the “Boxes” tab, many developers were concerned that their profile boxes would disappear altogether when Facebook migrates users to the new profile page design. Do you think that this approach is a good way to strike a balance?