Facebook Moves Closer to FriendFeed

Earlier this week I suggested that Facebook needs to start copying their competitors. One competitor that I mentioned briefly was FriendFeed. I suggested that they add the ability to comment within the newsfeed. Well, a few days later Facebook has made updates that move it one step closer to FriendFeed. While they aren’t the changes I suggested, they are definitely useful.

Users can now import from a whole slew of new websites including Hulu, Google Reader, directly from blogs, Last.fm, YouTube and a number of others. This is clearly a step toward FriendFeed and I would expect Facebook to further continue the expansion of sites that they let you import. For those who blog, there is one limiting factor to the blog import feature: you can only import one blog. I for one hope that they update this as soon as possible so I can import all of my feeds.

Then again, I currently use the Flog application on Facebook but soon enough there will be no more need for that. Once Facebook adds comments to mini-feeds and newsfeeds, I don’t really see much of a need to use FriendFeed anymore. Read more on the Facebook blog. Do you use FriendFeed? Do you import items on Facebook? What do you think of this new feature?

Facebook Import Screenshot