Facebook's Gift To Mothers: Family Profile Information

-Family Photos Icon-Facebook has been continuing their pursuit of offering more services for families to connect with the addition of a “Family Members” section. Back in March I wrote how Facebook had begun targeting families most likely to drive new users. It also appears to be another move against existing family applications, the largest of which is currently “We’re Related”.

Whether or not the move is directly aimed at the large family applications, Facebook is increasingly becoming a place for families. My entire immediate family is now on the site and much of my extended family is as well. Earlier today I found out that my grandfather wanted an invite to a family group that me and some family members had created.

My grandfather may be ahead of his time but it’s clear that Facebook is keeping families connected. Facebook’s fastest growing demographic also happens to be women over 50 and my guess is that many of those are mothers who want to connect with their kids. The addition of family data is interesting from a data perspective though.

Facebook already has a ton of personal information about us and adding information about our families provides much more individual insight. The most obvious reason for Facebook to begin tracking family information is for driving new user registrations. If all of your family members are connected and interacting on Facebook, it will force other family members to join.

There is no better referral for joining a site than your own family members. As Facebook continues to grow, the company is turning to new channels for driving new user registration. Families is a great target for expanding and what better day to launch the feature than on mother’s day. The only question now is whether or not users will feel comfortable entering that information.

Will you be posting who your relatives are on Facebook via this new feature?