Facebook module highlights popular links posted by news sources users Like

Some Facebook users are seeing a “Most Shared On” module in News Feed that highlights popular links from news sources they Like.

The module, which began appearing some time in the past few weeks, is a new way for news pages to get their content seen in the feed.

“We’re introducing new kinds of News Feed stories that make it easier to find content that you might be interested in,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email. “The ‘Most Shared On’ stories appearing in News Feed show the most frequently shared links from a page you have Liked. E.g. If I have liked Inside Facebook’s page, I may see a News Feed item that lets me know the ‘most shared’ links from Inside Facebook that day.”

Users who Like news outlets on Facebook will see a link in their feed under the “Most Shared On” title, with an option to view more stories. The module does not include captions that the page might have included in its original Facebook post, and in fact, some of the links might be to articles that the page has not already shared in a post. The module considers all content from the domain.

The feature is different from the “Trending Articles” module, which displays activity from Open Graph news reader apps and is not related to Facebook pages that users Like. Also, here Facebook is using an article’s total “share” count, not how many people have “read” it.

For now, only news sources — as defined by their Facebook page category — are eligible to have their content displayed this way, but if Facebook decides to expand the feature, this type of aggregation could be useful for some business pages that regularly share links to their site.

Bottom screenshot from Kobi Gamliel via Social Marketers, a private industry group for social marketing professionals.

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