Wooga Lands Game On Facebook Mobile Platform

One of the earliest applications to tap Facebook's newest mobile platform comes from wooga: Magic Land Island, which works on all smartphones and tablet devices.

Facebook’s newest mobile platform is populating with applications, like one from wooga: Magic Land Island.

The game that downloads from the social network’s mobile site works on all smartphones and tablet devices.

Much like three of the games introduced by Zynga Tuesday, Magic Land Island is HTML5-based, making the application accessible on all smartphones and tablet devices.

The Chief Technology Officer of wooga, Philipp Moeser, said, “The rapid technological development and possibilities of HTML5 surprised us during the development process, and we are really seeing a lot of potential for a new segment of mobile social games.”

Magic Land Island launched as a stand-alone game, but wooga said it will soon be integrated with Magic Land, which has drawn some 4 million monthly players since launching in mid-August.

The social integration featured in Magic Land translates over to mobile platforms in Magic Land Island.

Game play brings the elements of role playing, city building, and adventure to a story line based on medieval customs and legends.

Readers, are you anxious for the rollout of more HTML5-based games that can be played across all platforms?