Facebook: Minimize Application Requests!

Application requests sidebarOne of my co-authors, Rory Marinich, pointed out to me a serious problem on Facebook. There is an overload of application requests showing up on my homepage sidebar. It would be much easier for Facebook to minimize all all of these requests into one thing that says “25 application requests.” Take a look at the scaled down version of my sidebar on the left. It makes my homepage much more cluttered and almost overwhelming. When I login I am asked to respond to way too many requests. While I realize that this is not a standard issue, I have heard similar complaints even from less frequent users of Facebook.

So how about it Facebook, can you simply minimize this for us to make the homepage a little more aesthetically pleasing? Does anyone else reading this have a similar issue? Honestly, application requests may have become the new Facebook spam. Even my mother who uses Facebook to check up only on a few friends has complained to me about receiving misleading application alerts. While this is not an identical issue, I think something honestly needs to be done to ensure a more enjoyable, less spammy experience for users. Any suggestions?