Facebook Messenger for Android & iPhone is a Game Changer Phone Companies Will Hate

Facebook Messenger from Facebook expands on the messaging features in the Facebook apps for Android and iPhone. It would make more sense to have a single Facebook app instead of two. But, that aside, Facebook Messenger is a game changer that the phone companies are going to hate. It lets you send and receive messages from anyone who is a Facebook friend or in your (Android/iPhone) contacts list.

If the person is a friend on Facebook, the app lets you decide where to send the message as either a Facebook message or a text message to a phone. You can also attach a location and a photo to the message. To top it all off, a message can be sent to a group of people which can be a mix of Facebook friends and people in your contact list (who is not a Facebook friend).

This means that the message sender does not need a text message plan at all. And, if all your contacts are on Facebook, you never need to send a message as a conventional text message.

Both the Android and iPhone apps are free and available from the Android Market and iTunes App Store, respectively.

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger for iPhone