Featured Facebook Campaigns: Fisher Price, Fox, Century 21, Jeep

Charity was a notable function of the Facebook campaigns on our list this week. A Fisher-Price campaign in Australia and New Zealand leveraged the brand’s products to inspire brand loyalty. 20th Century Fox created a website treasure hunt to promote a new film and Century 21 is incorporating Facebook into real estate purchases. Then Country Financial, Jeep and Publishers Clearing House used contests to engage fans this week while MassMutual used a campaign to sell fans on life insurance.

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Fisher-Price Australia and New Zealand’s Community Giving

Goal: Page Growth, Charity, Engagement, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: A voting campaign that revolves around a charity component.

Method: Fisher Price basically has two things going on here. One is an app that allows users to look over the company’s toys from different eras and share their favorite one. The other component, the main one, is a Like-gated contest in which voters must recruit members of their community to vote for a prize pack for a particular school or child care facility. Users can either nominate a place or vote for one, which then publishes to the stream.

We spoke to Votigo’s co-CEO and founder Mike La Rotonda, who told us how his company’s technology powered the contest, and shared some insights about charity campaigns.

“In general, we’ve found that these types of promotions with a charity or community component tend to do very well,” he told us. “You really get that entire local community, everyone affiliated with a kindergarten for example, to come together. [So] you’re getting a larger pool than an individual entrant, [with] people reaching out to friends and family to vote.”

La Rotonda furter told us that charity campaigns usually also carry a greater viral impact than other campaigns. “In a normal campaign, we’ll see a 30% viral bump, in a charity or community-type of promotion, we see closer to the 50% range.”

Impact: The Page has 10,300 Likes and about 1,400 people are talking about the Page as of Monday morning. The campaign has about 742 submissions, more than 14,000 votes and the campaign which started in mid-September and runs until mid-December, took the Page from 550 Likes to 9,500 in a single month.

The National Audubon Society’s “The Big Year” Contest

Goal: Engagement, Page Growth, Branding, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: A website treasure hunt directing users to more than 100 websites to collect dozens of virtual birds in preparation for the upcoming film “The Big Year” by 20th Century Fox in conjunction with the National Audubon Society.

Method: The campaign runs from October 11 through November 7 and the first 200 players to collect all of the birds win prizes, including a grand prize trip for two to the Galapagos Islands. “The Big Year” is a movie in which characters compete to see the most North American birds in one year, so the NAS integration is an imitation of the film online.

The Like-gated promotion on the NAS Page has users register for the app by inserting their email addresses, then users have a chance to either run into the birds online, trade with other users, find out more about the birds by visiting the NAS website, and join the organization.

Impact: The Page currently has about 30,000 Likes and PageData shows growth in recent days. This campaign has good engagement over time with the NAS, which is consistently driving traffic to its site or inviting users to join. The treasure hunt is both fun and pertains to the point of the campaign — birds.

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