Facebook Makes Slight UI Updates to Performance Ad Creation Tool

Large and small organizations looking to reach Facebook through its self-serve performance advertising tool will now see a few upgrades to the second step in the ad tool user interface.

For example, now you can clearly select “All” instead of male, female, or both male and female for some targeting options. These include Sex and Interested In, and Relationship categories. Some users do not provide this information on Facebook, so the “All” option allows users to target these people.

Facebook has also changed the terminology of targeting words from the Google-esque “keywords” to the more fitting “Likes & Interests.” The new phrase more accurately describes the fact that ads are targeted on declared profile information and related data, rather than what users are searching for (like how AdWords works).

There are a few other tweaks, that heavy users will appreciate. The interface appears to be slightly bigger than before. The number of users targeted in each campaign is displayed on a right-hand counter that scrolls along with where the user is on the targeting form.