Facebook Makes Recently Used Apps More Accessible

For those of you that use Facebook application on a regular basis, Facebook has made a small adjustment to the way that the application menu works now. Rather than just viewing bookmarked application, you can also now view the recently used applications as Ray He explains on the developer blog. This change will provide more exposure for many of those application that users forget to bookmark.

When a user logs back into the site and can’t find the application they were looking for since they didn’t realize the bookmark feature or simply forgot to do so, now they can navigate directly there. It’s clear that Facebook is going through extensive user testing to determine where links and buttons should be place and making changes based on users’ experiences.

This is a small change but when hundreds of millions of users are navigating the site on a regular basis, such small adjustments can make a big difference for developers who are looking to attract users. Especially for those developers that aren’t relying on some of the spamming techniques still popping up around the site. While there are always ways to improve the overall Facebook experience, it’s clear that the platform is still evolving and developers can continue their input via the Facebook developer forum and of course in the comments on this blog.

Are there any application changes that you would like to see? Any changes that have been made that you would rather hadn’t been? We’re always interested in what developers and users are thinking!

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