Facebook Makes Big Platform Change: Removes Publisher Attachments

Last night Facebook made a relatively big announcement for developers: the company will be removing publisher attachments. The idea behind it was that applications could create custom attachments that would show up in the feed. According to Facebook the feature was getting little usage, however the concept behind it was pretty powerful. The equivalent in email would be making attachments that aren’t just files but interactive experiences.

Instead, Facebook will keep their in house attachments working, but developers will not be able to create new forms of attachments. Personally, I think this is a pretty significant change. While many developers failed to create useful attachment functionality, there was an opportunity to develop creative attachments. I won’t exactly be protesting the change, but developers can kiss one additional communication channel goodbye.
I’d be interested to hear from developers what sort of metrics they were seeing on their publisher attachments and whether or not they can confirm that the attachments were never being used. Do you care that the attachments are gone?
The developer of Eyesores says that their users are posting nearly 15,000 attachments per day. He also claims that this could force him to close his application, although I personally think the developer will be able to cope, but it will definitely be a significant impact.