Facebook Live Launches, Broadcasting Celebrities, Product Launches and More from Company Headquarters

Facebook debuted its official live video stream channel today, Facebook Live, at the company’s Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters. Starting now, it is beginning to feature celebrity guests who visit the offices, new products that the company launches, and other special events. The point is to help its 500 million users get a better look at what the company does day-to-day.

The channel will allow for users to ask questions, update their status with the particular livestream, add the app as a tab on any Page, and archive videos they like.

The interface on the social network is easy to use. The video appears center-left and shows how many viewers are watching the streamed video. A widget on the right-hand side allows a user to take advantage of several functions. You can see who on Facebook is watching, of your friends is watching, update your status to show you’re watching a video, chat with others watching the video, see previous videos or submit a question.

So far, one improvement we can see is that to chat on Facebook a user needs to have a Livestream account, which makes the chatting process a little more cumbersome.

Facebook Live seems to be aimed at allowing the company to better communicate with its users via video. So far today, the videos that have been streamed are interviews with various Facebook employees. But the company plans to have actress América Ferrera present Facebook Live as part of the promotion for her new socially promoted film “The Dry Land” at 3:00 PM Pacific Time today.

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