Facebook Launching "Engagement Ads", Is This New?

Jeremiah Owyang posted about a new type of advertisement that Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization told him about. Yesterday we were first to post about the new types of advertisements that Facebook will be releasing but Jeremiah Owyang provided more details today on what those ads will involve. Apparently the ads will encourage “members to interact with the ads by leaving comments, sharing virtual gifts, or becoming fans.”

Much of this doesn’t actually sound new. The commenting feature that Jeremiah describes sounds eerily familiar to the Facebook video ads that we broke the news about. One thing that currently doesn’t have commenting is sponsored news feed stories, so perhaps that will be an addition to this new feature. According to Jeremiah there will be three types of advertisements:

  • Comment Style Ad – Users can post comments on the advertisements. The only thing new here from the sound of it is the ability to comment on news feed stories.
  • Virtual Gifts Style Ad – Similar to the Indiana Jones gift campaign that was already run on Facebook, brands will be able to create virtual goods.
  • Fan Style Ad – A way to become a fan of products you enjoy. Not entirely sure how this differs from Facebook fan pages but ok!

Ultimately many of these changes don’t sound very new and instead sound like a rebranding of something that already exist. The new commenting feature is really the added value. As Jeremiah Owyang points out, Facebook now has a bunch of different offerings to advertisers and marketers. Now all that needs to be done is a more thorough education for those advertisers.

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