Facebook Launches Panic Button For 13 – 18 Year Olds

After months of pressure from the British Child Exploitation and Online Protection organization (CEOP), Facebook has launched an application called ClickCeop. The application simply links to the Ceop report abuse page which enables victims of Cyberbullying, hacking, online sexual abuse, and more to report it directly to the police. While the button is not being implemented site-wide, as described by the BBC, it’s a being hailed as a big step forward after months of resistance from Facebook.

As the BBC states, “Pressure mounted on Facebook following the rape and murder of 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall by a 33-year-old convicted sex offender, posing as a teenage boy, who she met on Facebook.” Facebook already has some reporting systems in place, however any attempt to make it easier for teenagers to report abuse is a positive step for child protection. We’ve covered the ongoing dialog between the Chief Executive of CEOP , Jim Gamble, and Facebook over the past year. While Ceop would like the button to be integrated site-wide, Facebook believes that the addition of this application should be sufficient for increasing child safety on the site.
You can read more about the new partnership via the BBC article.